Hi, I’m Martha!

Though proud to call Westlake Village, California, home, I grew up in Minneapolis. A liberal arts degree from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Avila University in Kansas City set the foundation for my career as a communications manager of global companies such as Hewlett-Packard.

I retired in 2007 to devote my energies to writing, church, and community. Along the way, I more or less accidentally discovered a second career as a dramatist. For eight years, I researched, wrote, and performed one-woman shows , to give audiences a unique look at fascinating historical figures. I only selectively perform these shows today, focusing instead on non-fiction books and partnering on writing projects with others.

Whether I’m writing a book or a blog, preparing a talk or editing another writer’s work, I’m usually outdoors. From my patio, I enjoy the birds at the feeders, hear my splashy fountain, feel the breeze, and laugh at my dogs, Annie and Rosie, as they chase the squirrels (who always win).

Increasingly, I’m content to set down my writing altogether and tend my home and garden, welcome guests, and enjoy life around me.

Above all, I delight in blending my passions and perspectives to enrich the lives of others.