Getting Unstuck

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Are there areas of your life where you are just plain stuck? Take heart! If you’re motivated to change, you can. Getting Unstuck: Experience the Joy of Finishing Strong was coauthored by psychotherapist Esther Carson Bleuel and me to help readers find a life of meaning and joy. The book is available in November 2018.

In Getting Unstuck, you’ll get to know twelve essential life lessons that are encountered again and again. If we learn these lessons in our childhood, we are far likelier to be grounded and secure. The opposite is true, too: Faced with unhappy situations out of our control when young, we’re almost surely developed limiting attitudes and behaviors.

OxC0NKTvRy+lPA3p51p+0g.jpegThe good news is that we don’t have to be defined by our childhoods. Through the lens of Esther’s own growing-up years, she offers perspective, wisdom, and practical tools to help you become unstuck.

This is book to use, not just to read. With many thought-provoking questions and room to write, you will want to keep your pen close to your copy of Getting Unstuck. Check out Esther Carson Bleuel’s author page,, for availability and more information.

“You can write a new ending to your life story. Experience the freedom and joy of finishing strong. It’s time to get unstuck!”

Esther Carson Bleuel