One-Woman Shows


About My One-Woman Shows

Ten years ago, I stumbled upon a talent I didn’t know I had. I wrote a program about Anne Morrow Lindbergh and somewhere in the process decided to portray her in the first person. Thinking I’d only do the program one time, I was stunned when word got around and I was asked for repeat performances.

The reception I received challenged me to look for other historical women who searched for their voices and were stronger than they knew. I found Margaret Mitchell, Anne Frank, and Eleanor Roosevelt, and wrote their stories. I created Letters Through the Ages, a fascinating interplay of a dozen famous writers.

I set my one-woman shows aside a few years ago to become a caregiver. Being at home gave me time to complete a nonfiction biography, Hope Personified, which led to new book projects. Occasionally, I’ve led a women’s retreat or have given a motivational talk, both activities I enjoy.

Today, I am selective about accepting invitations to perform my one-woman shows. I’m instead prioritizing on my writing, caring for my home and gardens, and being available to help others.