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One nice thing about pursuing the craft of putting meaningful words and sentences together is that writers are never limited by subject matter.

My first book, Hope Personified: Frances Maschal Landers, is now available in hardbound, softbound, and ebook formats. Its subtitle: A Woman from Arkansas, a Priest from Haiti, a Generation Changed through Education.

This book is a rich tribute to Frances and to her Haitian partner, an Episcopal priest, Pere Jean-Wilfrid Albert. Frances brought education to tens of thousands of previously illiterate children in the mountains southwest of Port-au-Prince.

For those of you who did not know Frances or Pere Albert, I hope you will be enticed to get acquainted. This is a remarkable story of what one woman, working with one man and amassing thousands of supporters, did to change the lives of multitudes. And Frances was sixty when her adventure began.

For those of you who knew Frances and support her Haiti Education Foundation (HEF), I’d love to hear from you.

And … the best news! Frances’ work continues following her death in 2010. HEF (haitifoundation.org) is a remarkable nonprofit, where one hundred percent of donations go directly to the work of giving hope to children in Haiti, through education.

In addition to my first book and my one-woman shows, I have compiled a first collection of vignettes, titled Peter Pan Moments: Small Glimpses of Life. Check out my blogs to read some of these pieces.

There will be lots of writing in my future. And that’s a good thing! I welcome your thoughts, always!